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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure when a person is arrested?

Anyone arrested in Escambia County or any arrestee transported to Escambia County is taken to the Central Booking and Detention facility and booked. The booking process includes: medical screening, photograph, fingerprints, classification assessment, telephone calls and temporary housing assignment prior to First Appearance Court. The arrest is permanently recorded and bail is set depending on the charges. Personal possessions, valuables and money is collected, inventoried and bagged for storage. Arrestee receives a receipt for all stored personal property.

Is an inmate required to pay any fees while in jail?

Yes. Subsistence fees are charged to each inmate to offset the cost of inmate incarceration to the taxpayer. It is the policy of the Escambia Sheriff’s Office to charge inmates subsistence fees in accordance with Florida Statute 951.033.

What do the subsistence fees include?

1. There is a one-time charge per admission of $20.00 for clothing and linens, which is charged to the inmate at the time he/she is issued uniforms and linens.
2. A daily charge of $3.00 for meals.

What if an inmate cannot afford to pay the subsistence fees?

Inmates will receive daily meals, uniforms and linens regardless of their ability to pay. Subsistence fees will be charged to the inmate’s money account. If he/she has money in his/her money account, the fees will be deducted from the balance. If the inmate does not have any money in his/her account at the time the fees are charged, a lien will be placed against the inmate’s account for the amount due. The fees will be collected as money is deposited into his/her account. A lien may also be placed against any of the inmate’s personal property as well.

What if the inmate is not sentenced or is acquitted or discharged on all charges? Does he/she still have to pay the subsistence fees?

The inmate will be reimbursed for the daily charge he/she paid. A disposition from the Clerk of the Court will be required from the inmate prior to reimbursement of funds. This reimbursement is not an automatic process, but will be addressed when a former inmate makes a request and produces the disposition of the Clerk of the Court no later than thirty (30) days from his/her date of release.

Are there any exceptions to the subsistence fees?

1. Inmates assigned to the Work Release Program are exempt from the daily fee of $3.00. These inmates are currently paying daily subsistence fees as established by the     Work Release Program.
2. When the court orders a lien against an inmate’s funds, such orders will take precedence over the collection of the daily subsistence fee.
3. If an inmate is returned from state prison as a witness in a trial other than his/her own.
4. Non-sentenced inmates who have volunteered and are assigned to the County Road Prison or inmate worker status are covered by Florida Statute 925-08 are exempt     from the daily fee of $3.00.
5. The initial subsistence fee of $20.00 will not be charged to the inmate if the deduction of this fee would prevent him/her from bonding out of jail.

Is an inmate required to pay medical fees while incarcerated?

Yes. All inmates will be assessed a medical fee for reimbursement of the cost for services rendered in the following categories:

  • Doctor Sick Call $10.00
  • Dentist Sick Call $10.00
  • Psychologist Sick Call $10.00
  • Mental Health Counselor Sick Call $ 5.00
  • Nurse/EMT Sick Call $ 5.00
  • Initial Prescription $ 5.00
  • Prescription Refill $ 3.0

These service fees will be charged to the inmate’s bank account.

What if the inmate cannot afford to pay fees, will he/she be denied treatment?

No. However, the inmate’s account will be charged for the service. If he/she later receives money into his/her account, the fees will be subtracted from his/her balance.

Is smoking allowed in the jail?

No. Smoking is prohibited in jail facilities. All tobacco products, matches and cigarette lighters are considered contraband and are confiscated and destroyed. Inmates found in possession of smoking materials are subject to disciplinary action. Introduction of contraband articles into a county detention facility is a third degree felony.

Is visitation allowed in the jail?

Yes. Inmates are encouraged to receive visitors from outside the facility.

At both the Main Jail and the Central Booking and Detention facility inmates may receive two (2) adults and one (1) non-walking child at scheduled visitation and are limited to one hour in duration, twice weekly.

Visitors are advised to arrive 45 minutes before the scheduled visitation and have a valid picture I.D.

How do I address mail to an inmate?

Mail should include the following information:
Inmates full name and housing assignment
P. O. Box 17800
Pensacola, FL 32522-7789

Can I send money to an inmate?

Yes. Money is placed in an account which inmates can use to purchase commissary items. Please note: Initial Subsistence - $20.00 one-time fee and the daily subsistence - $3.00 a day also comes out of this account. Money must be in the form of a money order addressed to: INMATE TRUST FUND FOR (INMATES'S NAME, INMATES #).

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